Download the guide - All you need to know about lecture capture

All you need to know about IP-based lecture capture

And how it can help drive better outcomes for your business or learning organizations.

Lecture capture video technology, is creating positive experiences all over the world - in both the corporate and education sectors.

This guide dives into the perks of lecture capture technology and how your organisation can reap the benefits by choosing the right technology. To address the demand for quality, lecture capture solutions which drive participation, engagement and better outcomes in a hybrid world, NewTek, have brought to the market, CaptureCast™.

In this guide, you'll learn about why corporate and educational establishments consider lecture capture to be a huge asset to their success. With AV over IP technologies, lecture capture systems help foster:

  • connection 
  • collaboration
  • engagement
  • retention
  • flexibility  
  • better outcomes

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