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How to create a professional livestream!

Why you should go live!

Have you been thinking about going live? If so, this video is for you!

In this video, we will discuss the benefits of livestreaming and explore when it might be appropriate to use. We will also offer some advice on what type of video might be right for you.

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In this six-step course we explain how to create an engaging livestream, share content in real-time and make it accessible to a global audience. Immerse a bigger audience with better content than if you had hired the biggest venue in town and filled it. The bigger the audience, equals more potential customers, the larger the response and ultimately the greater impact on your business.   

We will also reveal some of the top technical tips you wish you knew about livestreaming and how to create a remote multi-camera production.  

Finally, we share five ways to improve your next broadcast and what you need to know to spin up your own livestream!  

How to create a professional livestream six-video course:

  1. Why you should go live

  2. Technical things you didn't know about Livestreaming

  3. How to produce a remote livestream 

  4. How to create an engaging livestream 

  5. 5 ways to improve your livestream 

  6. What you should know before you direct your own multicamera livestream

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